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This listing Reserved for Deimante!

Clothes rail with two shelves.



  • Height from the floor to the highest point of the rail is 140 cm.
  • Length: 180 cm.
  • Width: 40 cm. 
  • Metal Hanging Pole!


Extra Information:

-The bottom shoe shelf touches the floor at the lowest point.

-The bottom shoe shelf is tilted and has two wooden stoppers to have two rows of shoes.
-The distance from the bottom to the top shelf is 25cm.

The rail is quick and easy to assemble. When not in use, the item can be quickly disassembled into pieces and stored away!

The delivery price not included.

To be ready by next weekend for the collection.

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Reserved for Deimante 'Clothes Rail with Two Shelves' Reserved for Deimante

  • Dimensions: 

    Height : 140 cm from the floor to the highest point of the rail, 

    Length: 180 cm 

    Width: 40 cm



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