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Pobi Shop Carpentry Wooden Ladder


We are motivated individuals, inspired to give new function to simple inventions.

Pobi Shop was born as a hobby in a shed in 2012, by Miroslaw Osmolski. The aim was to create a simple solution that will work in our everyday life. Fascination from creating those unconventional decorations have led to more and more items being produced, with love and care by our hard working team!

We are high in spirits! Every order makes us inspired, we are looking forward to creating those individual pieces. Every piece is different. Those handmade decorations are individual and irreplaceable.

We are all in one! Our marketing, photography, writing, design and customer service department is placed within reach from the workshop. We swap and teach each other new skills. We are a family within work place, everyone contributes.

Visit our workshop! →

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