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Montessori inspired Mini Climbing Frame - Child, Toddler

Aurora’s Montessori Collection! 


This collection emerged through different requests from my daughter for Aurora (my granddaughter). The items  are developed to stimulate and develop skills and strength from an early age. 


 Mini - Climbing Frame - Wooden Frame Construction


This climbing frame was designed as a smaller alternative to its bigger sister product. The aim of both climbing frames is to provide an exciting and creative way to combine early learning with play. It can aid in little ones development of strength, confidence, stability, coordination and creativity.  


This frame does not come with the swing, however there are multiple readily available swings which can be purchased and easily put on the frame. 


This frame offers the opportunity to be creative not just for children, where they can find multiple ways to use the item, but for parents who might want to buy other items to add to the frame, for example, my daughter bought a slide to add to the frame when the frame is used in the garden. 





  • Built dimensions: 


Length of the whole frame - 100 cm

Length of the ladder - 40 cm

Width when assembled - 70 cm

Height - 97 cm


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Montessori inspired Mini Climbing Frame - Child, Toddler

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