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Clothes Rack!


  • Overall height is 178cm.
  • The height from the floor to the bar is 153cm
  • The length between the sides is 91.5cm (inside the rack).
  • The shelf width is 45cm
  • Shelf position is 66cm from the floor.

Note: the bar is removable.


The delivery price is included in the overall item price. We ship worldwide however the postage price will be different if we are shipping the item outside of the UK. Please contact us to re-confirm the price, as your purchase might not go through.

This item is handmade and can be created to different dimensions if requested.


The rail is quick and easy to assemble. When not in use, item can be quickly disassembled into pieces and stored away!

This desk is not for climbing purposes and should be used for decoration.

We do not have stocks of the items, all the items are made after they are purchased, therefore they need some time to be created. Expected delivery is 10 days.

If you would like the item to be made faster than the expected delivery, please contact us, depending on how busy we are, we might be able to make the order sooner.

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Thank you for looking.

Handmade Clothes Rail with Shelf

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