Clothes Rail in Natural Pine wood !

-the total height 206 cm

-the distance from the floor to the hanging poles 120cm and 200 cm

-the distance between the hanging rails 80cm

-solid shelf

-total structure depth: approx. 36cm

-height of shelf from floor: 14cm

-the total length from left to right 140cm

-the double rail section 100cm in lenght


The delivery price included to the item price. We ship worldwide however the postage price will be different for shipping outside UK. Please contact us to re-confirm the price, as your purchase might not go through.

Hand Made.

It is quick and easy to assemble

When not in use you can quickly disassemble into pieces and stored away!

We do not have the item in the stock. Expected delivery is 14 days. They need some time to be created.

If you would like the item to be made faster than expected delivery, contact us, depending on how busy we are, we might be able to do the order before the time.

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Handmade Clothes Rack with the Solid Shelf

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