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We are a team of four, based in Batley. We design and create very unique wooden decoration, to suit elegantly inside any space.

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Important information in regards to the order:


Dimensions for the rails:

3 racks: h193cm - w100cm

3 racks: h193cm - w120cm

193 cm from the floor to the hanging pole

Metal hanging pole each



Ideally By the end of this month (September)


Important information in regards to the build:

racks to be steady as I have to hang heavy garments on them


Breakdown of the price:

6 rack x£50=£300

The delivery cost 2 parcels x£19.50=£39




Reserved for Maria

  • Not for climbing purposes. 

    We do not store the product in the stock. Expected delivery is 10 days. They need some time to be created. If you would like the item to be made faster than expected delivery, contact us, depending on how busy we are, we might be able to do the order before the time.