This listing Reserved for Deborah!

Measurements for the rack: H:140; L:95; depth:40cm

Rail is quick, small and easy to assemble, Great for Markets
Instant and modern solution to any lack of clothes storage.


The price includes the rack price and the delivery cost.

Reserved for Deborah 'Carryable mini Clothes Rail' Reserved for Deborah

  • Dimensions: 

    Height : 116cm

    Length: 90cm 

    Width: 40cm


    Product can be created to different dimensions if asked for.

    Not for climbing purposes. Only for decoration.


    We do not store the product in the stock. Expected delivery is 10 days. They need some time to be created. If you would like the item to be made faster than expected delivery, contact us, depending on how busy we are, we might be able to do the order before the time.